I Can’t Tell Much More

I can’t tell very much how the day was,
I remember I had some hot beverages a couple of times on an entire day.
I had a warm shower, where I wanted to play with subs, but I gave up!
Am I growing up? Or something else is happening to me!

At noon, I talked with a few imaginary birds,
I kept myself safe beneath their soft wings.
I can’t tell very much how big the birds were or how many of them were there at my den,
But I do remember, they were not regular birds who can fly.

I can’t say much more how the afternoon was
Like other days, I didn’t visit the grove,
I didn’t get any nap under my soft comforter.
Maybe I was doing something.
Yes! I was playing the Oboe.

Lately, I’ve been doing all the pieces of stuff that are not naughty but not any more mentionable.
Maybe I was wishing to watch a meteor shower at night.

I genuinely can’t write much more how days are going here in the south,
I’m sure I’m not drunk.
but I can’t feel my fingers much more.

Maybe that’s all I wanted to write
That’s all I wanted to let you know.
I can’t say for sure that you won’t find yourself here into my words,
Probably you will.
But I can’t say much more about how I am doing!