O, rain beautiful rain

Someday we will all disappear. We all be far away from all this beautiful late-night rain, this gentle breeze.
We Won’t ever get anyone to be mad at us. There will be no other person explaining themselves to us.

What do we call this beautiful night? Rainy night or something, some more magical word?
How come we don’t be grateful and consider ourselves lucky to have this breath.
I can’t be so much inhuman.

In my mind, I’m already thinking of which umbrella will I carry if it rains,
In my mind, I am already drinking tomorrow’s coffee!
I want to enjoy these little things that I have, or that I might not have tomorrow.

O, rain beautiful rain.
You keep falling like you’re falling on the cheek of a little Baby girl; on behalf of her Dad’s millions of kisses.

(19th October 2021)

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