The Infinite Departure

This morning in the brightest sunlight, I discovered some marks on my arms; they look like a bite mark. But they are not, when I looked into it, I found they are just skins coming out of the skins. The earth is making dust out of dust.

The more I keep thinking about myself and my existence, the more I see that in my very own life, there is no ONE single person who understands me, including me.

Somebody might try to understand you, and get closer to you thinking they know you. But how can they? Even I don’t know what is the next thing I’m going to think of. Nobody is supposed to understand anybody, nobody is born here on this earth to want us to understand truly.

Even if, we see somebody trying to make a path to understand us, we immediately abandon them. That is how we live so far far from our own galaxy. But we do one thing, we always think of something; and sir, yes sir, whatever you’re thinking, that thinking is the only thing that is TRUE.

Back to the story, when I saw skins coming out of my body, I stared at them for a while. I saw those little pieces of skin dust were ready to departure, they were destined for a long long journey. They have to move at the speed of light, they need to reach the outer galaxy, at another star, where my thoughts are building a shape of my body, they have to join at that structure; leaving my body here on this very earth, my soul, my thoughts need to go someplace else.


Friday, September 29, 2023

Journal Of Jahid